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I am thinking about taking this 3D printer movement to next level. I believe we may innovate and invent a lot more, when we can start building our own prototype at low cost.  But need some honest feedback(s). Here are my thought(s)/initiative(s),

1) I have already started printing out another set of printed parts for a reprap.

2) I will replicate those using metal die casting (Aluminium/brass).

3) I would like to provide kits to educational institutes only for material cost + labor only. I don’t want to gain any profit for this.

4) I would like to train key personnel at educational institutes on building and operating reprap.

PLEASE  broadcast this post to key personnel / educational institutes and feel free to leave comment with suggestion and contact info.

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The Human Factor


Computers don’t mind if I must make effort to communicate with them or if it is easy to communicate with them. They don’t care if I put the numbers of instruction byte sequences in a file and feed it to them to run, or if a very high level language generated the instructions. The computers don’t care. We humans care about the effort we pay. Often people, especially computer engineers, focus on the machines. They think, “By doing this, the machine will run faster. By doing this, the machine will run more effectively. By doing this, the machine will something something something.” They are focusing on machines. But in fact we need to focus on humans, on how humans care about doing programming or operating the application of the machines. We are the masters. They are the slaves. – Yukihiro Matsumoto

Re Enchantment

Strangely I was feeling a little bit down about programming for a couple of days. The feeling was quite ridiculous and painful. I have always loved my job as a programmer and I still do. Never ever I had this feeling so it was driving me crazy.

Happy programmer for infinity

Happy programmer for infinity

Googling around from site to site reading blogs, books. And then I stumbled upon a pretty interesting post at stackexchange

It seemed as if the ask-er read my mind! I found a few notes that touched my mind and actually resurrected my enthusiasm for programming, so I am going to write them down here.

  • You probably aren’t tired of programming; you are tired of what you being told to program — i.e, you need a new job, or perhaps, a new outlet
  • Programming is a creative task. If you growing tired of it, that is because you are loosing creativity.
  • Work on something personal , no client, no deadline, just you.
  • If you stop looking for challenges and stop learning things get dull

The most important lesson from the last few week i learned was-

Reading your favorite book for the first time is exciting, the next 2/3 times is fun. Reading it for the next 5 times is just for time pass. But even if you were dying for that book at the beginning you will get bored when someone forces you to read it 100 times. The joy or excitement is in discovering something new. Curiosity is the center of happiness. No matter how many times your boss/employer/co-worker/friends tell you about growing expertise is about doing something repeatedly the reply is simple-

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Trying to achieve perfection by repeating myself is not an option. Repeating something may make you efficient to solve that problem but that was never my goal. I never wanted to be anyone’s coding machine. I do development cz I love it and I DO NOT WANT TO lose that feeling just to become “A Better Solution”.  For me perfection is in discovering something new.

কিছু দরকারী প্লাগিন (মেনু)

ভার্টিকাল মেগা মেনু- (like-

হরাইজন্টাল মেগা মেনু (সাধারনত এডমিন পানেল এ লাগে)


এমন মেনু নেট এ ওনেক অছে কিন্তু সকল ব্রাঊজার সাপর্ট করে এমন খুজে পাওযা কঠিন