Blade Of Darkness , Blade of Light MOD Temple of Ianna


The view of Ianna’s temple with the Blade of Light MOD. I apologize for the choppy frame rate. This is my first game recording. I do not have a powerful PC either.

Blade of Light is a HD texture and gameplay modification for the classic 2001 hack n slash game Severence : Blade of Darkness.

Blade of Darkness is my all time favorite hack and slash game. I havent played this in a while. The game is very interesting fighting system. Which is at the same time hard and effective once you know it. Unlike most hack and slash games where you just smash the attack keys you have to follow a certain move and attack combination to deal a great deal of damage. Poking around the enemy is no good. Where as putting some combo enhances your attack A LOT.
This time i wanted to try with a new MOD. Blade of Light MOD (works with GOG version too)

watch the official video (much better quality than mine)-

Enhanced gameplay where lighting plays a part in the strategy. Use the light bearing blades to slice your way into the heart of the Darkness. For any fan of BOD this MOD is a must to try. It does not tamper with the combo system which makes it comfortably familiar.

The contrast of light and dark is just great. The dark dungeons and tunnels are just more scary and difficult to cross, since you see nothing. And its impossible to look at an archer who is standing in front of the sun, the light blinds you.

An already difficult game is just much more difficult with this MOD. You can turn off the blooming effect anytime if you are having trouble crossing a particular section


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