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When you are a robotics / hobby project enthusiast like me the electronics are just 1 part of the problem. We still have a lot of trouble collecting all the hardware and body parts. Specially for someone lazy like me. I hate to roam around markets to find a specific item. And the situation just gets worse for hardware. For example specific bolts/gears/rails and other raw materials for crafting the robot chassis.

Site like techshop are doing a great service to students and robot DIYers but I still wish for a hardware and raw material shop completely web based and offering wide range of items with easy to find interface. At least a service to start Laser cutting / 3d printing on request would be a good start. Although a fresh company (makerlab) is offering to print your models in 3d recently but the price is still high I would love to try them if ever have the opportunity

Price (Standard PLA Filament Types) :
=> Superfine (0.1mm layer resolution) = BDT 30/- per gram
=> Fine (0.15mm layer resolution) = BDT 27.5/- per gram
=> Average (0.2mm layer resolution) = BDT 25/- per gram
=> Low (0.25mm layer resolution) = BDT 22.5/- per gram
=> Fast (0.3mm layer resolution) = BDT 20/- per gram

If someone can estimate a cost of total items printed of a Reprap that would be useful. I havent found one on the net. I would prefer RepRap morgan since it has fewer vitamins.


I found some plastic board made by partex on ABC stationary New Market. They look pretty easy to handle. I will post further in future about my progress with these boards once I start working on a prototype.


I found this piece of information on facebook.  I asked a question there and got reply- wanted to share in case fellow Bangladeshi hobbyits are interested.

Q: “Can anyone here help me out, I am trying to find the best source in Dhaka for robot chasis. Not ready made chasis kits. I want to make the chasis myself so I need supplier of Acrylic sheet and Laser CNC cutter services. Any idea where I should start looking?”

I also found a CNC service provider with home deliver here-


Re Enchantment

Strangely I was feeling a little bit down about programming for a couple of days. The feeling was quite ridiculous and painful. I have always loved my job as a programmer and I still do. Never ever I had this feeling so it was driving me crazy.

Happy programmer for infinity
Happy programmer for infinity

Googling around from site to site reading blogs, books. And then I stumbled upon a pretty interesting post at stackexchange


It seemed as if the ask-er read my mind! I found a few notes that touched my mind and actually resurrected my enthusiasm for programming, so I am going to write them down here.

  • You probably aren’t tired of programming; you are tired of what you being told to program — i.e, you need a new job, or perhaps, a new outlet
  • Programming is a creative task. If you growing tired of it, that is because you are loosing creativity.
  • Work on something personal , no client, no deadline, just you.
  • If you stop looking for challenges and stop learning things get dull

The most important lesson from the last few week i learned was-

Reading your favorite book for the first time is exciting, the next 2/3 times is fun. Reading it for the next 5 times is just for time pass. But even if you were dying for that book at the beginning you will get bored when someone forces you to read it 100 times. The joy or excitement is in discovering something new. Curiosity is the center of happiness. No matter how many times your boss/employer/co-worker/friends tell you about growing expertise is about doing something repeatedly the reply is simple-

Stay hungry, stay foolish

Trying to achieve perfection by repeating myself is not an option. Repeating something may make you efficient to solve that problem but that was never my goal. I never wanted to be anyone’s coding machine. I do development cz I love it and I DO NOT WANT TO lose that feeling just to become “A Better Solution”.  For me perfection is in discovering something new.

ঐ গেমটি এখন নেটে

ভুলেই গেছিলাম unity তে বানানো গেমটার কথা। এখন যেহেতু হস্টিং আছে ভাবলাম আপ্লোড করে দেই portfolio তে কাজে দিবে


গেমটাতে পরে আর সময় দেয়া হয়নি, কিছু বাগ আছে ক্ষমা করবেন!