Hardware Shop BD

When you are a robotics / hobby project enthusiast like me the electronics are just 1 part of the problem. We still have a lot of trouble collecting all the hardware and body parts. Specially for someone lazy like me. I hate to roam around markets to find a specific item. And the situation just gets worse for hardware. For example specific bolts/gears/rails and other raw materials for crafting the robot chassis.

Site like techshop are doing a great service to students and robot DIYers but I still wish for a hardware and raw material shop completely web based and offering wide range of items with easy to find interface. At least a service to start Laser cutting / 3d printing on request would be a good start. Although a fresh company (makerlab) is offering to print your models in 3d recently but the price is still high I would love to try them if ever have the opportunity

Price (Standard PLA Filament Types) :
=> Superfine (0.1mm layer resolution) = BDT 30/- per gram
=> Fine (0.15mm layer resolution) = BDT 27.5/- per gram
=> Average (0.2mm layer resolution) = BDT 25/- per gram
=> Low (0.25mm layer resolution) = BDT 22.5/- per gram
=> Fast (0.3mm layer resolution) = BDT 20/- per gram

If someone can estimate a cost of total items printed of a Reprap that would be useful. I havent found one on the net. I would prefer RepRap morgan since it has fewer vitamins.


I found some plastic board made by partex on ABC stationary New Market. They look pretty easy to handle. I will post further in future about my progress with these boards once I start working on a prototype.


I found this piece of information on facebook.  I asked a question there and got reply- wanted to share in case fellow Bangladeshi hobbyits are interested.

Q: “Can anyone here help me out, I am trying to find the best source in Dhaka for robot chasis. Not ready made chasis kits. I want to make the chasis myself so I need supplier of Acrylic sheet and Laser CNC cutter services. Any idea where I should start looking?”

I also found a CNC service provider with home deliver here-



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