DIY Thermo Electric Air Cooler

I made this thermoelectric air cooler a while back, almost forgot about them. I was clearing out my smartphones memory and found some image. So decided to post the idea here.

Things you need:

1 peltier device (Thermo electric cooler) I got this from china courtesy of a friend Bijoy

2015-02-25 12.23.20


2 CPU AMD cooler (any square shaped model but both same size preferred) I am not sure what model I used I just went to elephant road and got the cheapest available. Costs 100tk each From Elephant road. I bought 3



Heat sink compound. Found elephant road as well not sure about price 10tk per pack i guess. Also you get some compound free wit the CPU heat sinks.

Voltage source. I am using CPU power supply Any old atx power supply will do.



Some thin wire to bind the coolers
Apply some heat sink compound to the peltier and place it on 1 of the heat sink.

Apply more compound and put the other cpu cooler on top.

Make sure both cooler has the same orientation. The aluminium fins must be horizontal to each other.

It should look something like this-

2014-09-28 09.36.21

hold the 2 coolers on place tight and attach them using a thin wire rounding through the heat sink fins. Or if you can find appropriate nuts and bolts use them.

wire join


Yellow marks show wire joining the 2 heat sinks.

Connect the 3 red wires together, do the same for the black.

Red is 5v, black is ground and yellow is signal for CPU cooler. In my model the signal was optional so I didnt use them.

since we are connecting 3 in parallel same voltage will be maintained in 3.

If you have a power supply connection pin thats a good thing. otherwise just add the power and the ground to a power cable manually.

Same way ground is black in most power supply cables. and red is 5v.

The cooler was working good. I can feel the cold side getting cool in less than a minute. The heat generated on the other side is very high on the other hand.

you can use this cooler in a lot of applications. I was planning to use an array of these things to make asealed box computer casing( air conditioned) no dust but cool.

The cold air coming out of the heat sink is pretty soothing . Feels like putting your hand before an AC at 26*

The peltier looses its efficacy if the hot side is too hot. So the heat sink on the hot side is more important. And use of larger heat sink will increase overall performance.

I have seen a video on youtube someone making a box out of Styrofoam (Shola) and place this on the wall to make a mini freezer.

Feel free to comment your ideas.





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